Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Legacy Leadership Academy
Built on faith, with our eyes on the future

Mission Statement:
Legacy Leadership Academy strives to provide an innovative, ever-evolving educational experience. We embrace the child God created, and tap into the drive for learning placed inside each of us. Each child is our priority and we teach them as an individual regardless of grade level or age. Legacy Leadership Academy aims to change the future of education, one child at a time.
Legacy Leadership Academy is a full-service school that offers an innovative approach to pre-collegiate education. Legacy is composed of a team of three administrators who teach. These three teachers have a range of specializations and experience within education including: Gifted/Talented Education, Special Education, Montessori methods, Urban Education, and Private School Education. Their combined classroom experience totals 35 years.
Legacy Leadership Academy offers:
· An innovative approach to self-directed learning
· Flexible individualized learning, unrestricted by curriculum
· A customized teaching approach that offers unique opportunities for students to advance beyond their age
· Students are empowered to grow to their fullest potential
· Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) ensure rapid student progress
· Administrators who teach
· 15:1 student to teacher ratio
Our Vision:
· Limited enrollment, with a maximum of 45 students
· 4-classroom space with outdoor areas
· 3 teachers and 1 assistant will be stationed throughout the building supervising all rooms at all times.
· The four classrooms will be utilized by all age levels and will be designated in the following manner:
o Lab-Math manipulatives and Science equipment will be housed here. Work areas will be set up to allow students to learn through hands-on experiences.
o Kinesthetic room-Standing workstations, exercise balls, and other higher energy equipment will be available for those students who prefer learning in a more active way.
o Quiet room-Soft furnishings, pillows, and other calming elements will dominate this space. This space will serve as a place for those who prefer little to no interruption while working.
o Meeting room-This space will be utilized by the entire school group each morning and afternoon as well as during the lunch hour. This space will also be utilized by the teachers throughout the day as a small group lesson space.
· Special classes such as Music, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and The Arts will be held on a rotating basis each afternoon and taught by existing staff.
· Mathematics, Language Arts, Science and Social Science will be taught daily on an individualized basis. Frequent pre and post testing will occur to check progress and assess mastery of individual skills. Mastery will be defined as independently performing a skill 90% of the time assessed.
· Traditional report cards and grades will not be issued. Progress reports will note the skills the student is currently working toward mastery on.